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An Introduction to Colon Cleanse

For safety and health, the colon has always been very important, which is why it needs to protected and cleansed. It soaks up the much-needed nutrients of the body and works to expel potentially harmful and dangerous toxins from your body as fecal matter.

If it is blocked by these toxins, it would have a difficult time absorbing the nutrients your body needs, which can cause problems that range from small to life threatening, like constipation and colon cancer.

Natural colon cleanse products are better than chemical ones, so if you choose to go the natural way, it would have a better effect on the body.

Where Did Colon Cleanse Come From?

It is believed that colon cleanse originally came from Egypt in 1500 B.C. The eber papyrus, the medical record from that time recorded the first use of enemas as medication.

They used river reeds that were hollowed out to flush water into the rectum. Enemas were thought to play a complicated role in preventing illnesses and keeping you physically fit.

It was introduced as a medical treatment to people who had gastrointestinal problems during the first year it came. It became a normal method of medication in hospitals and clinics in the 1920s and continued on for a decade or more.

What Is The Importance of Colon Cleanse?

Cleansing is absolutely necessary in order for the colon to keep doing its job. Environmental toxins will still be able to enter your body even though you eat a fiber, vitamin and mineral-rich diet, or do not consume any unhealthy food.

Your skin soaks up contaminants and they can burrow into your tissues. They’ll soon find their way into your colon.

What Is The Purpose of Colon Cleanse?

Each colon cleanse process can be partnered with different medications or use different means to enter your body.

But they all have one very important task, which is to eliminate toxins from your colon. Some cleanses are only for the lower part of the bowel, but there are those that can be used to clean the whole.


This form of colon cleanse uses a small bag with water and medication. There is a nozzle at the end that is placed gently into the rectum, and the small bag is then pressed.

This discharges water into the bowel so that fecal matter that has compacted can be expelled.

What Is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic HydrotherapyA device is placed into the rectum and then water with a controlled temperature is discharged from one tube, and the waste passes through another tube.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can either be pills or powders and taken daily. The herbs gently soften fecal matter and cleanse the colon.

These are only a general explanation of some methods of colon cleanse. Talk to your doctor to learn more about them and choose which one suit you best.

For a healthier life, include colon cleanse in your daily routine and feel the benefits of a cleaner colon.