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Weight Loss Food Myth Buster!

So many weight loss programs, so many diets, so many things to think of when you’re planning to lose weight.

It can be confusing and you’ll end up with nowhere to start, and the dream of having a slimmer body will simply stay a dream.

Here’s a little help from the food side, since we’ll be busting some myths about food and weight loss.

  • Fruits for breakfast only – Since breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, we need food that can give us energy to jumpstart our metabolism and keep us fueled for work. There is no proof that breaking the fast only on fruit gives any benefits health or weight-wise. The body needs complex carbohydrates when it wakes up and most fruits don’t have high enough amounts of that. Cereals and cereal foods like bread are your best bet to having complex carbohydrates and have you raring to go.
  • legumesSome foods help burn fat –Foods like kelp are believed to help in fat burning. You wish. There is no proof of this happening. However, dietary fiber can help us feel full faster with minimal consumption of food, so we don’t eat as much as we normally do. They’re also low in fat. The best examples of these are fruits, veggies, wholegrain bread and legumes.
  • Drinking water while eating makes you fat – you’re not some gelatinous monster that can absorb water and not let it out. There is a theory that says a dilution of digestive enzymes when you drink water while eating takes place, but there is no evidence of this. As a matter of fact, water aids in digestion. On another note, drinking alcohol in small amounts while eating doesn’t have any lasting effect too. Just don’t be prone to excess.
  • You’ll get fat if you eat potatoes – Just eating any type of food high in carbs won’t have you gaining weight immediately. They’re one of the body’s preferred sources of energy. Just remember moderation and the preparation (sour cream is yummy but it goes straight to your thighs!) is the key.
  • Combination diets are very effective – Many diets say that our digestive system can’t deal with different combinations of foods. They say digestive problems can happen if we take in carbohydrates and proteins. We have a variety of food available for varying diets and to get different nutrients we need. If you eat them together, it can actually help the digestive system work much better.

There are very few foods that are made out of purely protein or carbohydrates because they’re usually a combination of both. Diets like that should be avoided.

There you have it; six food myths busted. Go ahead and enjoy all the food you think can help you lose weight.

Just remember, preparation of the said food is usually the problem and moderation, moderation, moderation (!) is the key!